Top Nebuliser Brands


Top Nebuliser Brands

Nebulisers are machines that convert liquid medication for asthma and other respiratory conditions into a fine vapour. The patient can inhale the vapour, which eases the air passages promptly. While most models available in the market are bulky, some manufacturers have designed portable nebuliser units. Here are some details on top brands, which might help you to make an informed choice. 
Clement Clarke AC 2000
The Medix AC2000 is fast and efficient Hi-Flow nebuliser. You may use it with most kinds of medications prescribed for respiratory ailments. These include corticosteroids, bronchodilators and antibiotics. 
It is ideal for use in the home and in clinics. Young children and elderly individuals may use it with ease. It has a handle, which makes it easy to carry it around.
The device includes a guarantee for three years. 
Phillips Respironics Innospire Deluxe with Sidestream
The Innospire Deluxe Nebuiser is supplied with the Durable Sidestream medication chamber which makes it suitable for nebulising all types of medication.  It is suitable for home or ward use, and is continually rated for treatment.  It has and handle which makes it easy to carry, and space in teh front of the machine to store accessories when not in use.
It is recommended for use with steroids, relievers and antibiotics.  
The instructions are easy to follow. The machine has a guarantee for three years. 
Phillips Respironics Innospire Mini
The Philips Respironics Innospire Mini is a small portbale nebuliser which operates from the mains, 12v DC lead and rechargeable battery pack.  This allows the machine to be operated completely independent of the mains supply.  The machine is supplied with the Sidestream Plus medication chamber with mouthpiece.  This means it is suitable for nebulising all types medications.
Since it weighs only 420g without battery, and 592g with battery attached, this make the Innospire Essence a truly portable nebuliser
The machine has a warranty of 3 years.  
Omron NEC-28P Compressor
This variety makes use of traditional compressor technology and offers an effective delivery of the medication. It incorporates virtual valve technology instead of conventional silicon valves. This makes the nebuliser easy to maintain and clean. 
The compact nature of the device makes it easy to use. It is durable and cost-effective. It comes with a carry case with a compartment for accessories. 
Omron has presented a nebuliser system using ultrasonic technology called the Omron Micro Air that is small and very quiet. It is one of the smallest portable nebuliser brands available.
Omron Portable MicroAir Mesh Nebuliser
The Omron NEU22, which is a portable mesh nebuliser, is the smallest variety available. It makes use of Vibrating Mesh Technology to administer vaporised medication to individuals suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma and other respiratory conditions. 
It is an electronic nebuliser using ultrasonic technology. Patients find it very easy to use. It is extremely lightweight and silent. In addition, you can hold it in any position. 
The machine has a powerful delivery comparable to that afforded by machines using compressor systems.
The portable nebuliser has some added advantages. The machine is suitable for most liquid medications for respiratory conditions. An AC adaptor and two "AA" batteries are available with the system. It can deliver medication in the undiluted form to reduce the time of therapy.
Moreover, it can administer the medication in the nebuliser cup to the last drop. This prevents wastage.

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