Philips Respironics SimplyGo Portable Oxygen Concentrator

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The Philips Respironcs SimplyGo Portable Oxygen Concentrator packs more of what you need in one portable oxygen concentrator, without packing on unwanted pounds. In fact, the SimplyGo is the only continuous flow portable oxygen concentrator to weigh in at ten pounds. For patients who need higher pulse settings at night, the Sleep Mode provides increased trigger sensitivity and a softer pulse for exceptional comfort.

There’s simply no portable oxygen concentrator more flexible than the Philips SimplyGo. It gives patients the flexibility to be away for the day, for work, for a weekend or for a long holiday.

Updated manufacturer battery times May 2016

Each battery supplies in hours an average of:

1lpm pulse on demand   = 3 ½                      2lpm pulse on demand   = 3 ½     

3lpm pulse on demand   = 3                          4lpm pulse on demand   = 2 ½     

5lpm pulse on demand   = 2                          6lpm pulse on demand   = 1 ½     

0.5lpm continuous flow  = 3                         1lpm continuous flow     = 1 ½

1.5lpm continuous flow  = 1 ¼                     2lpm continuous flow     = 3/4


SimplyGo includes everything you need

  • Carrying case with shoulder strap and spare-battery pocket
  • Detachable accessories bag
  • Fold-up cart with oversized wheels
  • 2 x Lithium Ion battery packs
  • Standard AC/DC power cords


The Philips SimplyGo Portable Oxygen Concentrator offers the benefits of a continuous flow mode in a lightweight, easy-to-carry design of 4.5kg.  There are three oxygen delivery modes:-

Pulse Mode - SimplyGo detects breath intake and deliversthe necessary volume of oxygen.

Continuous Flow - Continuous Oxygen delivery from 0.5 to 2lpm.

Sleep Mode - Pulse Mode has an increased trigger sensitivity for use during sleep.  The SimplyGo siwtches automatically to 2lpm continuous flow if no breath intake is detected.

Philips SimplyGo Hire for Holidays

We also offer a hire service for the Philips SimplyGo portable concentrator.  Please contact the office for your specific requirements and dates.

SimplyGo Specifications:-

Oxygen Concentration:  87 to 96% at all settings

Flow Settings:  Pulse Mode Bolus Size - 1 = 12ml, 2 = 24ml, 3 = 36ml, 4 = 48ml, 5 = 60ml, 6 = 72ml

Continuous Flow: 0.5 - 2lpm

Sound Level:  43dB at pulse setting 2

Alarms:  Low Oxygen Purity (below 83%), No Breath, High Breath Rate, No Flow, Low Battery, Depleted Battery, Technical Fault

Dimensions: 29.2cm x 25.4cm x 15.2cm

Weight:  4.5kg of 10lbs with battery installed

Power Consumption:  150W while charging, 120W while not charging

Extra Warranty Prices

2 Year - Included in Machine Price

3 Year - Additional £109

5 Year - Additional £329


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