PARI Medical Mucus Clearance Devices

Pari O-Pep Mucus Clearance Device

Pari O-Pep Mucus Clearance Device


The Pari O-Pep respiratory device is designed to efficiently loosen bronchial mucus and help clean the airways.  It is a device used for mobilizing secretions in the lower airways, supporting the cleaning of the airway system and to reduce sh...

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Established more than 30 years ago as a family business in Cardiff, we're proud to be independent, knowledgable and highly efficient. We supply many of the top brand nebulisers directly to the NHS, private customers and nursing homes which allows us to purchase the volume we need in order to acquire the lowest prices on premium, high-quality nebulisers. These discounted prices on nebulisers and accessories are then passed on to our customers. We aim to deliver on a next working day delivery via courier.

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