Breas NIPPY Clearway Cough Assist

  • Breas NIPPY Clearway Cough Assist
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The servo valve technology allows for rapid change from poitive to negative pressure which enables effective cough augmentation.  

Pressure delivery is monitored at the patient end of the breathing circuit enabling accurate and safe settings.

Programmable MI-E mode options as well as triggered MI-E and IPPB mode are available.  This offers versatile treatment options to treat a wide group of patients.

Multiple power options, with the choice of clearway trolley and mobility bag, enable safe, effective treatment on the go.

Remote hand held, or foot operated, manual switches provide teh option for carers and clinicians to have direct contact with the patient to enable more effective titration and on-going therapy.  

A synchrony beep sounds prior to the delivery of the negative pressure (exsufflation) in the automatic programmable modes, to improve patient compliance and synchrony.  You are able to monitor the therapy on the device, as 28 days of stored compliance data is available.

The Nippy Clearway has a large colour display, the option to limit available modes and lockable settings, which allows for intuitive use and quick setting adjustment.  Up to 15l/min of supplementary oxygen can also be entrained via the circuit.

There is an optional Battery Pack Available



Manual - integral, hand held of foot operated remote switch

Basic Auto

Programmable timed Auto

Programmable triggered Auto (IPPB)

Pressure Controlled Ventilation

Insufflation Pressure Range: 3cmH20 to 60cm H20

Exsufflation Pressure Range: 0cmH20 to -60cm H20

Insufflation Time (Ti) 0.5 to 5 seconds

Exsufflation Time (Te) 0.5 to 5 seconds

Pause Time 0 to 9 seconds

Number of Cycles 1 to 20

Nippy Clearway Dimensions:

297 x 223 132mm

Weight 3 kg

Supply Voltage - 100-240V ac

Frequency - 47-63Hz

External battery - 24v dc 5.8Ahr