Philips Dreamstation BiPAP S Auto Bilevel Machine

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The Philips Dreamstation Auto offers the latest in BiPAP technology.  It provides bluetooth connectivity to automatic temperature adjustment with the optional humidifier.  Its new design is sleek, user-friendly and highly effective making the DreamStation one of the most advanced BiPAP machines available on the market today.

Tracking your BiPAP Therapy

Philips Dreamstations allow patients to view their sleep data in different ways, from downloading from the SD card (included), or from the on-screen full colour display on the machine itself.  Alternatively, if you have a compatible iOS or Android smart device then you can use the DreamMapper App to view more in-depth statistics and data graphs.

Auto Start and Stop

The DreamStation BiPAP Auto can detect if and when you start or stop using your BiPAP machine.  If you need a toilet break during the night, for example, you do not need to worry about fumbling around for the right button.  Simply take your mask off and the machine will power down, and then once it detects your breathing again, it resumes automatically.

Never Forget to Change Filters

Modern BiPAP machines require little to no maintenance other than changing filters regularly.  The DreamStation range has automatic reminders when each filter is approaching the end of its lifespan.

Exhalation Relief for Enhanced Comfort

Philips pioneered exhalation relic technology, which sees the machine lower the pressure it is providing slightly when the patient is breathing out.  This allows the patient to exhale against less pressure, making it easier and more comfortable.  Philips has also refined the Bi-Flex functionality to make transitions between inhalation and exhalation smoother and more natural than ever before.

Optimised Humidification

As with most BiPAP machines, the DreamStation can be used with a humidifier if required.  The DreamStation heated humidifier has various settings that can be adjusted to suit your requirements.  However, it also features and Adaptive Mode, which monitors the ambient humidity in the room and adjusts the temperature of the water accordingly.  The humidifier slots neatly into the main unit, and is powered from the same power supply as the main unit.

Please Note:

This is a 'BiLevel machine' which is used for sleep disorder conditions more complex than 'simple obstructive sleep apnoea'.  We would require a prescription from your sleep consultant in order to sell one of these machines.